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Strokes – Act FAST

When you suspect someone is having a stroke time is the most important thing to consider.  The longer the area of the brain is without blood flow the greater the risk of permanent damage.  Recovery from a stroke is a lifelong … Continue reading

American Stroke Awareness Month

May is Stroke Awareness Month! Are you aware that each person’s stroke risk almost doubles for every decade after 55? Stroke can be debilitating and sometimes fatal. The American Stroke Association has shared some facts, tips, and other important information … Continue reading

Kidney-Health Diet Continued

Last week we shared some information on our body’s great filters – the kidneys.  To continue this week we will be talking about ways to help seniors follow a renal diets.  Renal diets are those low in sodium, potassium, phosphorus, … Continue reading

How You Can Help Keep Your Senior Mom’s Brain Active

A healthy brain is essential for a person to function normally and get through daily life. However, as a person ages, the brain becomes less healthy due to lesser mental activities. As a result, many tend to become forgetful of … Continue reading

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