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Women’s Health

May was National Women’s Health Month.  Safe @ Home would like to touch on some health topics relating to senior women.  57% of people over the age of 65 in the US are women.  Since women tend to live longer than men, this percentage increases with age.  In order to thrive in their later years, women need to be aware of common health issues such as stroke, heart disease, and depression.  These typically affect more women than men. (Institute on Aging, NICHD)

Key Points

Cardiovascular Health

  • Blood pressure, cholesterol, blood sugar, circulation, reproductive health.

General Health

  • Cancer, cysts – get regular mammograms and see a gynecologist

Dental Health

  • Maintain healthy teeth and gums
  • Schedule and keep regular dental visits

Sensory Health

  • Schedule and keep regular eye and ear exams

Digestive Health

  • Talk to doctors about digestive health
  • Get preventative exams like a colonoscopy
  • Risk of digestive issues increases with age

Mental Health

  • Common issues like isolation, depression, anxiety, memory loss, and other mental health issues
  • Women more prone than men (Medline Plus)

Tips to Stay Healthy

  • Screenings and Test for Women over 65 (consult your doctor)
    • Blood pressure and sugar tests
    • Breast and pelvic exams
    • Colorectal screenings
    • Eye Screening
    • Hearing Test
    • Bone density test
    • Cholesterol screen
    • Dental exam
    • Skin screen (WebMD)
  • Healthy Choices
    • Stay up to date on vaccinations
    • Attend regular medical checkups
    • Get screened for conditions common to seniors
    • Eat healthy, balanced diet
    • Be educated about medications and take them properly
    • Exericse regularly
    • Keep up with loved ones and social activities
    • Manage existing health conditions (FDA)
  • Prevention
    • Consider risk factors – smoker, overweight, hereditary conditions, etc
    • Take preventative steps against those specific risks


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