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4 Doable Tips When Reducing Your Aging Dad’s Risks of Falling


Your aging dad’s sense of balance may be diminished due to old age. As a result, he may fall at any time. This may cause serious physical damage to his body. Furthermore, there may also be other factors present that increase fall risks in your loved one.

Fall prevention in the elderly is one of the main focus of Senior Care in Eau Claire, Wisconsin. Reducing the risks of falling in your aging dad is a primary concern that you definitely need to address immediately.

Follow these doable tips to reduce such risks:

  1. Switch to brighter lights.

    Low vision is one of the physical changes that your dad may be experiencing right now. When he is unable to see clearly what is in front of him, he may accidentally slip and fall. Apart from making sure that he wears the right visual aid, switching to brighter lights may help in this case.

    Brighter lights provide more illumination which will help provide a clear visual on what your loved one is looking at. He can also clearly identify obstacles in his way and avoid them.

  2. Put nonslip mats on the bathroom floor.

    The bathroom floor most often becomes wet and slippery, especially after being used. A wet and slippery floor is definitely dangerous for your loved one who has diminished the sense of balance and even for those who are in good shape.

    Your aging parent will benefit a lot from stepping on nonslip mats. These mats are designed to help prevent slipping on bathroom floors, as well as other slippery surfaces. Additionally, when nonslip mats are not available, you should immediately wipe off spills before your dad steps onto them.

  3. Avoid littering.

    Leaving things on the floor definitely increases the likelihood of your dad stepping on them, slipping and falling. Even a small toy can do a great damage to your aging loved one as a result of a fall.

    Make sure that you and other members of the family, especially when kids are around, will avoid littering. Put items back to where they belong after using them.

  4. Consider Caregiver Hiring in Wisconsin.

    Caregivers often render physical support to senior individuals when walking or doing other personal tasks. If your dad prefers to stay at home, having a caregiver who looks after his safety will be beneficial for the both of you.

Safe @ Home Senior Care is committed to keeping your senior parents happy, healthy, safe, and comfortable in their own living environment. If you need a Home Care Agency in Wisconsin that will look after your aging parents, call us at 715-598-SAFE (7233).

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