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Kidney Health

The Kidney:
Kidneys are organs which filter the blood, removing wastes and extra fluid which is excreted as urine. They help to regulate how much fluid our body’s retain as well as produce some hormones. The kidney is ultimately a filter though, so what we eat can affect their function. As we age, kidney function tends to decrease and kidneys do not perform as effectively as they did in our youth. Due to this, seniors are at a greater risk for kidney problems and even kidney failure. It is important that seniors with kidney problems follow a kidney-healthy diet to reduce strain on these important organs. Seniors should always consult with their physician before making any changes to their diets.

Signs of Problems:
Seniors experiencing any of the following signs should consult with their doctor. A doctor will run tests which may include urine samples and blood work to determine how the kidneys are functioning and what might be causing the issue.
1. Blood in the urine
2. Weak or reduced urine output
3. Pain near the kidneys
4. Loss of appetite
5. Puffiness in the legs or ankles
6. High Blood Pressure
(Better Health, ClearCare Monthly)

Types of Kidney Disease:
Some of the more common types of kidney diseases are polycystic kidney disease, kidney cancer, acute kidney failure, nephronia/nephropathy, secondary issues caused bye diabetes, lupus, etc.
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Health Tips for Healthy Kidneys:
To protect the kidneys and reduce the strain we place on them it is important to limit the intake of protein, sodium, potassium, and phosphorus. Diets which follow these guidelines are termed “renal diets”. Check back later this week for ways to help seniors follow a renal diet.

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