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Supporting Alert Seniors with Physical Challenges

Caring for seniors who are mentally alert but have physical limitations can be difficult. Some feel that the brain stays young while the body grows old. This can make physical limitations and challenges especially frustrating. Seniors who were once active and vibrant young adults can find new limitations both challenging and difficult. Caregivers can help in a variety of ways to improve mental well-being while assisting with physical problems.

Signs of a Mentally Strong Senior:

  • Able to carry on fluid conversations
  • Remembers recent activities
  • Is socially engaged
  • Is aware of current news
  • Can communicate needs and challenges
  • Engages in mindful activities like reading
  • Recognizes physical changes and limitations

Challenges of Being Alert but Limited Physically:

All individuals can expect some deterioration of their physical self as they age. Doctors state that most people peak at age 30 and then can go into decline. Muscles and bones lose strength and mass. Organs do not work at peak efficiency. Joints begin to lose their elasticity and flexibility. The peripheral nervous system shows a decrease in the rate of stimulus perception (decreased sense of touch, pain, hot, cold). These are just a few of the changes related to age. Vascular, pulmonary, endocrine, and CNS changes also occur. Each of these can lead to physical limitations and difficulties while the brain remains active and young.  (Merck Manual)

Resulting challenges:

  • A loss of ability to participate in physical activities
  • Increased dependence on others for everyday life
  • Mental stamina that is greater than physical endurance
  • Frustration with desires to act that cannot be carried out
  • Depression from a perceived Loss of purpose or independence
  • Anxiety of physical changes and limitations

Safe @ Home will be sharing some tips next week on ways that seniors and caregivers can help themselves or others cope with the physical aging process while remaining mentally young. (ClearCare Monthly)

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